Google — my tool No. 1

As reading through Ira David Socol’s Toolbelt theory, I found that it is important for learner. Learning tool plays the most important role for a learner, just like me, who becoming a teacher. A wide range of learning tools is available online and I just need to choose the appropriate tool to make my online learning journey easier. All in one, decision making is important.

I have selected Google as my main learning tool. As I:

  • am a Gmail user and member of Google Plus; 
  • always do daily information-searching using Google Search and Image; 
  • use Google Translate to check meaning for my understanding; 
  • browse sites using Google Chrome

I was only realized Google is very useful not only for searching, but also saving personal documents and information. Google Reader is now another space for me to collect and subscribe my favorites and needs. Apart from those Google products that have mentioned, there are also Google Mobile, Google Maps, Google Play, Google News, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Books, Google Offers, Google Wallet, Google Shopping, Google Blogger, Google Finance, Google Photos, and Google Videos. It makes my life easy because all I need to do is just remember my account and password, then I can access all the things and files that I have save in Gmail or Drive.

Socol’s Toolbelt theory applies the framework of Task Environment Skills Tools (TEST). According to Jones (March 4, 2013), there are 4 steps to be followed in order to ensure you have received the right connection of information:

  1. Analyse the task and its sub-tasks.
  2. Consider the environment in which the task needs to be complete.
  3. Identify the skill set of the person who has to complete the task.
  4. Evaluate all of the tools that are available to help complete the task and use the appropriate tool.

Throughout the steps, skills like analyzing  identifying, evaluating and decision making will be involved for developing the learning framework.

Scootle that follows the Australian Curriculum is a learning tool has been recommended in the Studydesk of EDC3100. And I have registered as a student of USQ to access the data for my own learning. With these useful tools as assistive technology,  my learning would be more effective. Happy learning to you and me! 🙂



Jones, D. (March 4, 2013). EDC3100 ICT and Pedagogy: Introducing toolbelt theory. Toowoomba: University of Southern Queensland.

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